Family Nutrition Education

Family Nutrition workshops are conducted for the mothers of the children we serve. Individualized counseling is provided to the mothers of children identified as severely malnourished or obese. The health and nutrition of each individual child served by Feed the Hungry San Miguel is evaluated on a semi-annual basis to identify improvements or deficiencies in the child’s nutritional health.

Workshops cover good nutritional and hygiene habits and how to cook healthy meals that  children will love.

These workshops are held outside in the public spaces of a community, such as in a park or in front of a church. They teach the moms about how to plan meals that use the four food groups; the best times to feed a family; how to read nutrition labels—especially sugar content and portions; tips on how to limit oils, fats, sugars, and salt; how to integrate vegetables into meals to make them attractive to the children; and the importance of eliminating comida chatarra (junk food).

Obesity, a serious health problem, is a phenomenon in developing countries where many people struggle with food scarcity. Since 2010, Mexico ranks number one in the world in infant obesity. Improving diet quality is the single most important preventive and remedial answer to addressing this problem.

The workshops help the mothers apply basic nutrition concepts while preparing family meals at home, including the amount of food necessary for each child, because each child has different needs depending on their age, size, genetics, home life, and level of physical activity.

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