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serving san miguel children since 1984

In San Miguel de Allende, voted “Best City in the World in 2013”, 63% of the population lives below the poverty level.  One-third of the 47,421 who suffer from food deprivation are children.

Support the Feed the Hungry San Miguel nutritious school-lunch program. We began providing meals to hungry children in 1984 and today we offer a hot, well-balanced meal to 4,000 children in 26 communities every school day. Thousands more are waiting for help. Hunger Hurts, so please give as much and as often as you can. Every dollar and every peso counts.

Statistics: Diario Oficial de la Federación (Official Federal Diary) Published January 23, 2013

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Holiday Appeal 2014

Opening of a New Kitchen! On tuesday, april 14th, 2015, we opened kitchen number 35, and the four  under   the   new  community praticpation model, in which the community provides the space and the cooks for their kitchen. Read more