A Community We Support: Peñón de los Baños


The Feed the Hungry San Miguel kitchen in Peñón de los Baños has been in operation since 2007. During school year 2023-2024, 67 children at the Lázaro Cárdenas primaria (elementary school) receive a hot meal every school day.

Location Statistics 

The community of Peñón de los Baños is located 35 kilometers from the Feed the Hungry Center. The latest census (2020) reported that there were 288 residents residing in 78 households. Twenty-eight percent of residents were under the age of 14. Of residents 12 years of age or older, 45% were employed. Of the adult inhabitants, 6% were illiterate, and the average level of schooling was 7 years. 

Nutrition Report – School Year 2022-2023 

For the most recent Nutrition Report, Feed the Hungry staff nutritionists assessed 59 primaria students through height, weight, and body fat measurements.

Few cases of underweight were found. However, light underweight cases should not be neglected because, although they are close to normal, they may still have nutrient deficiencies that need to be corrected. 

The results showed several children at risk of becoming overweight or already overweight. The clinical signs found were mainly the presence of adiposity in the abdominal area, and dehydrated hair and skin. When asked about their usual diet, the children attested to consumption of processed foods and junk snack products that they usually buy after school, as well as a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity. 

Health Assessment Results
Condition Number of Children
Obese 1
Overweight 19
At risk of overweight 14
Normal 119
Light underweight 2
Moderate underweight 0
Severe underweigh 0

Compared to the previous year’s results, the trend in nutritional status continues towards overweight. However, there was a 12% reduction in the number of children with obesity, which is a very significant change. Light underweight cases decreased from 16% to just 2%. Many children exhibited dry lips and skin, so greater vigilance will be taken as to their water consumption. 

The number of children in normal nutritional status is expected to increase with the adaptation of school menus and continuous nutritional education workshops with parents. 

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