Extending Our Reach Once More

We are thrilled to announce the April 22 opening of another school kitchen funded through Amistad Canada, thanks to a generous donation from a Canadian supporter. At the school “Agustín Melgar” in the rural community Ex-Hacienda de Peña Blanca, more than 75 children ages 4 to 13 in kindergarten and elementary school will now receive a hot, healthy lunch every school day.  

We understand the importance of proper nutrition for children’s overall well-being and academic success. Our school lunch program ensures that students have access to balanced meals that fuel their bodies and minds.This not only impacts their physical growth but also enhances their acquisition of knowledge. This support allows them to focus on their education without the distraction of hunger. When children are nourished, we witness improvements in their learning,” said Maestro Felipe Ramirez Alvarado of Agustín Melgar Elementary School. 

Support for Urban Communities 

We are proud to extend our services to the school “Patria y Libertad” located in the urban area of San Miguel, across from the San Juan de Dios market in Colonia San Rafael, where we have launched a pilot program to provide meals to 110 students even though there is no kitchen on site. Pre-made meals will be provided to the students by our staff and volunteers.  

The students arrive at 2 pm and stay until 7 pm, and when they found out that a meal would be served, they asked if they could eat early because they are hungry when they arrive at school. The chefs and nutritionists from Feed the Hungry are volunteering extra time to help these children by providing the nutrition they need to stay alert in class.  

“It is our belief that no child should have to learn on an empty stomach, and by providing healthy meals, we hope to make a positive impact on their educational journey,” commented Rolando Jimenez, chef and supervisor at Feed the Hungry San Miguel. 

In another urban community, La Cuevita, the school does not have a facility that we can use as a kitchen, so we will be adapting our menus to enable us to prepare meals in a classroom every school day for 10 kindergarten students, 47 elementary school students, and 14 middle school students.  

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. At the “Luz de Esperanza” school for the blind and the Special Education School, 32 students will benefit from food supplies that will be delivered for preparation by the charities.  

By extending our services, we hope to make a difference in the lives of even more children who know the pain of hunger only too well.  We grateful for the support of our donors, volunteers, and community partners, and especially for the dedication and ingenuity of our staff who find ways to adapt to conditions and overcome logistical challenges to help the underserved children of San Miguel de Allende.

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