Early Childhood Nutrition Program Aids Growth and Development

In recent years, it has become increasingly evident that many children start school already confronting issues of undernourishment and underdevelopment due to impoverished conditions at home and insufficient intake of essential vitamins and minerals. In response to this pressing concern, we initiated the Early Childhood Nutrition program in 2019. Targeting children aged eight months to four or five years old, this program aims to provide sustenance and support during a critical period of growth and development. We are dedicated to assisting this vulnerable population, as poor nutrition early in life can have detrimental effects on both physical and cognitive health.

The Early Childhood Nutrition program has successfully expanded across 14 communities, benefiting a total of 188 children. Through this initiative, mothers who enroll in the program receive bi-monthly food deliveries consisting of essential ingredients such as pasta, oat flakes, beans, lentils, soybeans, milk, fruits, and vegetables.

Mothers are encouraged to participate in educational workshops organized by Feed the Hungry. These workshops cover various topics, with recent examples including a workshop on Healthy Mexican Dishes held in September to commemorate Mexican Independence Day. During such workshops, mothers learn about healthier versions of traditional dishes.

To ensure the wellbeing of participating families, nutritionists from Feed the Hungry conduct regular home visits. These visits aim to assess the conditions and resources available to the families, including the types of food they have access to and the quality of their cooking facilities.

Witnessing children “graduate” from the Early Childhood Nutrition program and confidently enter kindergarten is an extraordinarily rewarding experience for us. As these children embark on their educational journey, they continue to receive nutritious school lunches provided by Feed the Hungry. Additionally, through the program, mothers gain knowledge about healthy habits and nutrition, expressing their heartfelt appreciation through letters written in their own hand. These expressions of gratitude hold immense significance for our team at Feed the Hungry San Miguel

By prioritizing the nutritional needs of children during their early years, the Early Childhood Nutrition program strives to foster optimal growth and development. With ongoing support from our community, we aspire to eradicate childhood undernourishment and empower families with the knowledge and resources necessary to provide their children with a strong foundation for a healthy future.

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