Challenger, Sponsors, Volunteers, Supporters and everyone who came out on Sunday!

Last week’s event was a resounding triumph, with all of you collectively walking, running, or biking, side by side to bring awareness to the issue of food insecurity and gather resources to make a positive impact. Every step, pedal you took, every dollar raised, and every effort you invested has brought us closer to achieving our goal. Together, we have already made a significant difference in the lives of more than 5000 beneficiaries who struggle with hunger in our communities served.

However, as we near the end of this year’s fundraising journey, we must humbly admit that we are still a little short of reaching our goal. Therefore, we kindly request your continued support and urge you to consider extending your help once again. Here are some suggestions:

  • You can help us unleash the power of your network by sharing our campaign link or emailing it to friends and contacts who you think would love to contribute to our mission. Together, we can make an even greater impact!
  • For those adventurous souls who captured their memorable moments during the Walk Run Bike for Food Challenge, please don’t keep those awesome photos and reels to yourselves! Share them on your social media channels and let all your friends know that “YOU DID IT!” Their support and encouragement might just be the key to unlocking more sponsors who are willing to donate to our cause.
  • Remember to Thank your sponsors by sending a note or personal email ask them to share the news with their contacts.

Thank you once again for being such incredible advocates of our mission. Remember, every step, pedal, and donation count in our journey to see that no child in San Miguel knows the pain of hunger. Let’s keep that positive energy flowing and continue making miracles happen together!

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