A Community We Support: Los Galvanes


The Feed the Hungry kitchen in Los Galvanes opened in 2002. During school year 2023-2024, 90 children will receive a healthy lunch every school day at the Carmen Ramos del Rio kinder (preschool).

Location Statistics

The Los Galvanes community is 29 kilometers from the Feed the Hungry Center. The latest census (2020) reported that there were 1,924 residents residing in 431 households. Thirty-one percent of residents were under the age of 14. Of residents 12 years of age or older, 44% were employed. Of the adult inhabitants, 6% were illiterate, and the average level of schooling was 7 years. 

Nutrition Report – School Year 2022-2023 

For the latest Nutrition Report, staff nutritionists assessed 69 students in preschool through height, weight, and body fat measurements. 

The percentage of children eating meals provided in Feed the Hungry’s school kitchen has been increasing, as well as the consumption of fruits and vegetables, thus improving their wellbeing. In comparison, during school year 2021-2022, 11% of the children measured were overweight, 53% were light underweight, and only 18% were at normal weight. We are encouraged by the decrease in cases of underweight, overweight, and obesity.  

While taking measurements, we observed some physical signs such as acanthosis nigricans, which is found in people with overweight and obesity. An imbalance in the regulation of certain hormones causes a pigmentation in the skin. This sign could disappear for the most part by improving eating habits and decreasing the consumption of foods rich in refined sugars. 

Health Assessment Results
Condition Number of Children
Obese 1
Overweight 3
At risk of overweight 1
Normal 58
Light underweight 5
Moderate underweight 1
Severe underweigh 0

Another notable sign we observed in more than half of the children was dental problems, with severe cavities and missing teeth due to the lack of dental hygiene and the consumption of food that generates bacteria that produces caries.  

Our intention is to continue adapting the school lunch menus as needed for this population of students, and to continue to offer nutrition workshops for both children and their parents to provide guidance on healthy eating, good hygiene, and the importance of physical activity.

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