A Community We Support: Loma de Cocinas


The Feed the Hungry San Miguel kitchen in the Loma de Cocinas community opened in 2007. During school year 2023-2024, we are serving hot, nutritious meals to 82 students at the Cuauhtémoc elementary (primaria) school.

Location Statistics

Loma de Cocinas is 37 kilometers from the Feed the Hungry Center. The latest census (2020) reported that the population of the community was 353 men, women, and children, residing in 90 households. At that time, 34% were children age 14 or younger. The average school achievement for adults was 6 years; more than 8% of the adult population were illiterate. Only 37% of the adult population was employed.

Nutrition Report – School Year 2022-2023 

For the latest Nutrition Report, staff nutritionists assessed 59 students in primaria through height, weight, and body fat measurements.

The number of cases of underweight is low, yet we observed signs characteristic of malnutrition, such as short stature, depigmented and dry skin, dry hair, and brittle nails. Children interviewed confirmed that their diets lack adequate protein and vegetables. 

Among the overweight cases we saw the same signs of malnourishment, as well as dental caries. In some cases, the presence of acanthosis nigricans was observed, a sign of insulin resistance. When interviewing children their typical diet, we learned they consume high amounts of processed foods and food high in sugar, which they usually buy after school. There is also a lack of physical activity.  

Health Assessment Results
Condition Number of Children
Obese 3
Overweight 10
At risk of overweight 9
Normal 33
Light underweight 3
Moderate underweight 1
Severe underweight 0

Compared to the previous year, there were fewer cases of underweight, overweight, and obese children..  

Our intention is to continue customizing the school lunch menus as needed for this population of students, and to continue to offer nutrition workshops for both children and their parents to provide guidance on healthy eating, good hygiene, and the importance of physical activity.

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