Misión Chichimecas, Plan Juárez – “Majurru” Bilingual Elementary.

Supported since: 2006
School meals served daily: 103

Statistics listed are for Misión Chichimeca. (Source: 2010 INEGI – Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática – Census.)

Total village population: 6716
Population age 0 to 14: 3037
Number of households: 1155
Households with all services –
electricity, water, and sewage:   534
Residents with some income: 2178

Underweight school children
Light underweight: 9%
Moderate underweight: 28%
Severe underweight: 26%
Total: 63%

Plan Juárez is a single room school house in the sparsely populated area within Misión Chichimeca. During the 2017-2018 school cycle, the children were given a larger meal portion to meet nutritional needs as it was very likely that the FTH meal was the only one they received each day. Early in 2019, the Early Childhood Nutrition program and the addition of a second daily school meal was introduced in this community.

Since the increase of food portions in 2017, we have seen the percentage of underweight children drop to 63%, a reduction of 13% from the prior year.

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