Nuevo Cimatario – “Miguel Hidalgo” Elementary and “José María Morelos” Kindergarten.

Supported since: 2018
School meals served daily: 120
Total village population: 285
Number of households: 72
Households with piped water: 0
Adult residents with some income: 30%
Illiteracy rate: 17%
Average level of schooling: 4 years

(Source: 2010 INEGI Census (Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geografía e Informática.)

Nuevo Cimatario is a community on the San Miguel de Allende municipal government’s list of rural populations in greatest need. It is 65 km from the Feed the Hungry center; one of our farthest delivery locations.

A new school kitchen was opened in 2018. However, the building was too small for all of the children to be seated at mealtime, so the majority of them had to take their meals outside. The preschool was in a cold, dark outbuilding built with adobe and asbestos 80 years ago.

A new kitchen/dining room opened on December 5, thanks to FTH supporter, architect Rafael Franco, who donated time and materials for construction. View the video.

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