Feed the Hungry San Miguel celebrated 35 years of providing hot, nutritious meals to needy children in San Miguel de Allende. In 2019, 975,695 meals were served to 4,700 children at 36 school kitchens.

FTH nutritionists conducted 127 Cooking and Nutrition workshops for children and their mothers.

The Early Childhood Nutrition Program was launched to provide sustenance for children aged from roughly one-year-old until they enter school. The program was fully implemented in Plan Juarez, La Campana, Alonso Yañez, and La Cuadrilla schools.

A new school kitchen and dining room in the elementary school in the community of Nuevo Pantoja, where 170 nutritious lunches are served every school day, was officially inaugurated.

A covered dining area was constructed for the children in the rural community of Alonso Yáñez and a new kitchen was opened in Palo Colorado.

Work continued with other NGOs to ensure there is uncontaminated water for drinking and cooking in communities at risk. Caminos de Agua tested the water at our newest kitchens and consulted on solutions for sites that exceed the WHO limits for arsenic and fluoride, such as at Palo Colorado. There we worked together to make the existing water catchment system operational, and to install a line from the cistern to the adjacent new FTH kitchen.

In 10 schools, children began receiving two meals each day. Two lunches are served at Estancia De San Antonio, Loma De Cocinas, Fajardo De Bocas, Centro Infantil Los Angeles, San Cristobal, Plan Juarez and La Campana. Breakfast and lunch are provided at Nuevo Pantoja kinder, Salitrillo, El Nuevo Cimatario kinder and primaria, Los Gonzalez primaria and Clavellinas.

Volunteers who teach at Los Ricos de Abajo started tutoring the Feed the Hungry staff with English classes during summer break.

Joan Nagelkirk joined our Board of Trustees, overseeing Strategic Planning initiatives within the organization.

Alejandra (“Alex”) Rosas joined our Advisory Board. Maestra Rosas was a teacher, principal, and district supervisor within the state of Guanajuato for 34 years, including schools at La Campana and Sosnabar, where FTH operates school kitchens.

A detailed historical timeline is available upon written request: bodo@feedthehungrysma.org