Meals served in 2018: 922,493

A new school kitchen opened in Nuevo Cimatario, a community on the municipal government’s list of rural populations in greatest need. In the Nuevo Pantoja community, a new kitchen was opened in the elementary school to serve 165 students. New dining facilities and a storage bodega were also constructed.

We began providing breakfast at some kitchens so that the children are alert enough to concentrate on their lessons prior to lunchtime. And at five of our locations we began providing two lunches, due to extended school hours.

Centro de Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende, A.C. (C.A.S.A.) is now the seventh charity in the urban district that receives foodstuffs for daily meals from Feed the Hungry. CASA offers educational and daycare services for infants and children aged 45 days to 6 years old.

The “March Magic” fundraising tour benefited the 260 students receiving meals at the school kitchen in Clavellinas. The “Autumn Magic” tour benefited La Campana, where 374 meals are served daily.

Collaborating with Aqua Clara International (ACI) and the Universidad de Queretaro’s clean water technology center, ACI’s revolutionary filter system was installed in our Los Galvanes school kitchen, selected for the field test because of the high concentration of arsenic in the well water. Feed the Hungry worked with other NGOs to install cisterns for rainwater harvesting in some communities.

Jonna Stratton, FTH Volunteer Coordinator, joined our Board of Trustees. She has been involved with FTH since 2011 and is also a Kitchen Angel for the Casa Hogar Mexiquito Boys’ Orphanage.

Kathy West, FTH Advisory Board member, joined our Board of Trustees.