By Janice Zimolzak

In 2013, Cemefi (Centro Mexicano Para La Filantropía) announced that year’s accreditations of Mexican nonprofit organizations. The certification for transparency in organized philanthropy was awarded to 86 nonprofit organizations throughout Mexico – 22 in Mexico City and 64 throughout 40 states. Feed the Hungry, A.C. was singled out for this important recognition for the for the breadth and depth of its commitment to hungry children and for the respect it accords organized philanthropy and transparency. It is the only organization in San Miguel to receive this honor and one of two in the State of Guanajuato (Conservatory of Music and Arts, Celaya).

(CONEVAL) Mexico’s National Evaluation Council on Social Development’s 2008 report states that nearly 49 million Mexicans — more than 46 percent of the country’s population — suffered from some form of food insecurity. The report ranked the State of Guanajuato fifth highest in populations suffering from moderate or severe food deprivation. In response to these findings, President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration recently announced a “National Crusade Against Hunger to meet the needs of millions of people living in extreme poverty and with severe nutritional deficits.” 400 municipalities in southern Mexico have been selected for two federal anti-hunger pilot programs. Feed the Hungry San Miguel responded to these findings by positioning itself to double the number of children we serve over the next decade. We are currently the largest non-profit of our kind in all of Mexico.
Feed the Hungry San Miguel (FTHSM) began its mission to stamp out hunger in San Miguel’s children in 1984. Today, nutritionally balanced school lunches are available every school day to 4,000 kinder and primary school children in 25 of the poorest of the poor communities in rural and urban San Miguel. More than 800,000 meals served annually. Children must attend school to benefit from the hot meals program. Our nutrition program provides workshops in family nutrition and breastfeeding nutrition, and offers mothers in all 25 communities one-on-one consultations with a staff nutritionist.

In 2004 Feed the Hungry San Miguel, Inc. initiated 501(c) 3 tax-deductibility status in the US and is recognized for tax-deductibility by Amistad Canada. In 2007 Feed the Hungry AC (asociación civil) was established for Mexican peso tax-deductability. Feed the Hungry, AC has been a member of Cemefi since 2009.

Cemefi’s 2013 certification ceremony was held in Mexico City on November 12th. On hand to receive the award were Fernando Leon, President of Feed the Hungry, AC, Carol Weicker, President of Feed the Hungry San Miguel; Tony Adlerbert, President Emeritus, FTHSM; and Trustees, Charles Kessler and Pablo Marvin. In the 17 years that Cemefi has been awarding certification only 670 organizations in 27 states have realized their high standards. Feed the Hungry is proud to be counted amongst them and to share this honor with all of those who support our work on behalf of the children and the future of San Miguel.