DRIVERS ONLY – Maps & Driving Directions to Feed the Hungry School Kitchens.

These maps and driving directions are for the use of Feed the Hungry San Miguel volunteer delivery drivers only. If you wish to visit one of our school kitchens, sign up for a “Ride Along” with one of the drivers on a Tuesday morning as they deliver food to a school. Please do not visit the schools on your own – some routes are very difficult, locations can be hard to find, and visits must be arranged in advance. For information, contact our Driver Coordinator, Chip Swab, at


(click on GoogleMap to access)

Clavellinas –  Google Map
Jalpa – Google Map 
Los González – | Google Map
Los Ricos de Abajo – Google Map
Las Cañas – Google Map
Loma de Cocinas – Google Map
Marroquín de Abajo – Google Map
La Campana – Google Map
Estancia de San Antonio – Google Map
Sosnabar – Google Map
Alcocer – Google Map
Los Galvanes – Google Map
La Palmilla – Google Map
San Francisco – Google Map
San Cristóbal – Google Map
Palo Colorado – Google Map
La Cuadrilla – Google Map
La Medina – Google Map
Plan Juárez – Google Map
Pozo de Balderas – Google Map
Fajardo – Google Map
Alonso Yáñez – Google Map
Centro Infantil San Pablo – Google Map
Peñon de los Baños – Google Map
Casa Hogar Santa Julia – Google Map
Hogar de Los Angeles – Google Map
ALMA – Google Map
Casa Hogar Mexiquito – Google Map
I.R.E.E. Google Map                                                                                                                                        Tres Palmas – Google Map