Autumn Summary

With schools closed, children are no longer receiving a nutritious meal through our traditional school meals program. And with so many families struggling to feed themselves after losing their sources of income, our Feed the Families/ Comida Para Familias initiative was launched in late March in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Every week, Feed the Hungry San Miguel provides thousands of packages of food for needy families. Deliveries of close to 4,000 packages are made to 37 communities, many of which are very difficult to reach. In addition, six charities pick up more than 200 packages, and nearly 200 more are picked up by a dozen other NGOs and concerned neighborhood advocates, for distribution to their beneficiaries.

In total, as of October 23, 53,246 packages of food and hygiene supplies (574 tons) have been distributed. That represents 6,328,630 meals.

In addition to delivering pantries of nutritious ingredients, our incredibly dedicated staff also provides instructions on how to prepare healthy meals with the products provided, and demonstrations of safe practices such as hand-washing and wearing of masks.

We don’t know when things will get back to “normal” or when we will be able to resume the hot meals program in our school kitchens. But what we do know is that hunger doesn’t take a holiday, so we plan to continue the operation, at a monthly cost of $100,000- $150,000 USD, as long as resources allow.

We hope that we can count on your support!