Chips and Salsa in Canada = Hot Meals for Children in Mexico

Cantina Norte of North Vancouver, Canada, has partnered with Feed the Hungry to support our school lunch program. Proceeds from every basket of chips and salsa sold go 100% to the program. And through our partnership with Amistad Canada, donations are tax-deductible. 

“It’s one of the great ironies of a Mexican restaurant: We feed people delicious Mexican food every day, while a significant percentage of Mexicans struggle to put food on the table. This is something we refuse to accept. Cantina Norte is proud to be able to help give school children a nutritious and filling meal every day and education for their families on how to prepare well-rounded meals on a limited budget. This is one of the ways that we are giving back to the country and culture that have given so much to us by allowing us to really showcase what an incredible food culture Mexico has to offer,” said owner Jeremy Mitchell.

Cantina Norte is at 3246 Connaught Crescent, North Vancouver, Canada. 

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