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Expansion of Program During Pandemic

Feed the Hungry’s Early Childhood Nutrition program has expanded to the community of La Palmilla.

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are determined to continue to provide food and special nutrition workshops tailored to this group of moms who live in the poor communities we serve. In fact, it is important to expand this program more than ever because of the immune benefits of proper nutrition.

The program is designed to deliver food bags for soon-to-be moms and their children of pre-kinder age, and also provide nutritional education. The program, launched in 2019, is designed to address the needs of children too young to receive a meal through our school lunch program. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers also receive a nutritious meal themselves.

In La Palmilla, six moms were identified, interviewed, and invited to participate in this life-saving program. In total, more than 65 women in four communities are currently enrolled.

The team of nutritionists at Feed the Hungry design 15-minute talks to be presented at the start of their session. These workshops include various topics and allow the mothers to interact with the experts if they have any questions. The initial workshop is tailored to pregnant women who learn about good nutrition during pregnancy. Other topics of critical importance are breastfeeding benefits (for mom and baby), proper timing for introduction of solids to the babies, and how to create a good nutritional environment for toddlers. “We intend to give as much information as possible and provide a variety of topics relevant to their needs throughout the year,” said Karen de Santiago, Nutritionist.

Here is what some of our beneficiaries have to say about our Early Childhood Nutrition program:

The video below is in Spanish; it is intended to be viewed by our beneficiaries and used for future reference. Feel free to share the video with a mom you may know who could benefit from this information.

Lactancia Materna (Benefits of Breastfeeding)
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