President’s Letter – January 2021

Al Kocourek

2020 was a tragic year, but also a year of hope. We witnessed the widespread despair around San Miguel de Allende due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Money to buy food became scarce for many. This is a society where a precarious existence is the norm and the loss of income had an immediate and devastating impact.

When the 36 school kitchens operated by FTH were closed due to the virus, thousands of children were no longer able to receive the nutritious school meals they badly needed. The families were struck by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

We believed that Feed the Hungry could make a difference. In March, we retooled our operations to package and deliver supplies of food to all the families of the children we had been serving, through a new emergency response program: Feed the Families. The program has since expanded to include the elderly and additional families in need in these communities, as well as beneficiaries of other charities in the San Miguel area.  We do not turn away the hungry. 

This was only possible thanks to the support of our donors. When our monthly expenditures went from $50,000USD to $125,000USD due to the expanded program, we reached out like never before to our contributors. Many of you have responded, and your generosity has been a godsend. 

We are also drawing down our emergency fund to subsidize the increased expenses, as there is no greater emergency than people facing starvation.   

The impact of this disease on health, education, and the economy will be with us for many more months. We are committed to providing food to our communities until the emergency subsides, or we run out of funds. FTH has provided ingredients for more than 8,000,000 meals since March, and we will continue to do all that we can to bring hope to the nearly 20,000 residents being helped by your support.

– Al Kocourek, President, Feed the Hungry San Miguel, Inc. 
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