Meet Ana, a Beneficiary in Marroquín de Abajo

Here is one example of how families are avoiding starvation thanks to the emergency food bags funded by your donations.

Ana M., 29 years old, lives in the rural community of Marroquín de Abajo, 18km from the Feed the Hungry Center. The most recent census reported a Marroquín de Abajo population of 283 men, women, and children, residing in 64 households. Only 37 of the homes had all of the basic services: electricity, piped water, and sewage.  

Ana has three children: Fernanda 11, Jose 7, and Michelle 3 years old. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, she was working part-time at rehabilitation center when she was asked to stay home for a week, but never got a call back to return.

She did not receive severance pay. Her husband is self-employed in plumbing and iron work, and the work diminished. For months they have struggled due to lack of income.  

The food the family receives from Feed the Hungry has been extremely helpful, because the little savings they have can be used for transportation to look for work for her husband, and for other basic needs to complement the shelf-stable food, such as fresh vegetables from the corner store. 

Ana loves to prepare the red rice with tomato and salsa that is included in the food bag, but the baked beans are her daughter Michelle’s favorite dish. Atole, an oatmeal beverage, is among the children’s favorite breakfast items. 

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  1. I live above Marroquin de Abajo and know this family well. The family and their greater family are wonderful honest and hard working people ……thank you Feed the Hungry for what you provide. I will continue to financially support your programme.

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