FTH Nutritionists Teach the Myths and Realities of Diabetes

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Food is not the only life-saving delivery FTH makes to impoverished communities. Our nutritionists also deliver vital information through informal workshops. In late November and early December, the distribution of emergency food bags included a dynamic talk on the subject of diabetes, the leading cause of death of women in  secondleading cause in men. (Institute of Public Health / Instituto de Salud Publico). 

At the end of a diabetes workshop in the community of Pozo de Balderas, a group of people approached us to talk aboutthevarious health problemsof their female relative.The family member had diabetesanddecided to stop taking her insulinfor the last monthafter hearing false information that the insulin was damaging to her health. Thefamily requestedourhelp toseeif we could convincehertoresumetakingthemedication. After listening to theworkshop,shelearnedthat there was nothing wrong with insulin, and began taking itagain.Fifteendays later,during the nextfood-bag delivery,she told us that thanks tothe insulin, shewas alreadyfeeling muchbetter. 

One of the biggest challenges wehave is to ensure that in each workshop,people really learn and absorb as much as they can understand about the topicsbeing taught. This is because people do not alwaysshow upwith the intention of learning.

Our mission is to not only feed families but also to provide education about health and good nutrition” says Irving Ayala, FTH’s head nutritionist. 

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