President’s Letter – October 2020


 After 35 years of operations, Feed the Hungry San Miguel was poised to reach a milestone: we were serving close to one million meals a year through our school kitchens.   

We never would have anticipated that a pandemic would trigger school closures and increase the extreme economic hardship in the communities we serve, challenging us to find a way to leverage our experience, resources, and infrastructure to respond. And we certainly didn’t imagine that in less than six months from launching our Feed the Families emergency program, that we would have provided food for five million meals

In the country side, where most of our school kitchens are located,the families  have always lived “hand-to-mouth.” They are far more afraid of starvation than they are of the virus. Just the same, while we are delivering shelf-stable ingredients for  nutritious  meals, we are also providing masks and education on hygiene.

We have undertaken a mission that has truly tested our organization’s ability to go above and beyond anything we could have predicted. Our  goal is to continue to provide food to impoverished people in our rural communities, at least through the remainder of 2020.

 This will be possible through the generosity of our donors, the hard work of our staff, and our relationships with the municipal government and community leaders. As always, we are grateful for your support of our programs, which is needed now more than ever. On behalf of everyone at Feed the Hungry, we wish you health, safety, and optimism during these challenging times.  

 Al Kocourek, President, Feed the Hungry San Miguel, Inc. 

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  1. Well done dear friend! You are truly making a difference

    1. Thank you for following us and supporting the initiative.

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