COVID-19 Emergency Response


Because schools are closed and the children we serve school lunches to are no longer receiving this much-needed nutrition, we have shifted our focus to feeding entire families. Every two weeks, with the assistance of the municipal government, we are delivering staples to sustain a family for two weeks, helping 20,000 people in vulnerable communities.

Feed the Hungry San Miguel has been deemed an essential business that will continue operating to help prevent starvation in the dozens of communities that depend on us for nutritional support. Because schools are closed, the children we serve school lunches to are no longer receiving this much-needed healthy meal.

We are distributing food packages for entire families in 37 communities and to 7 charities ‚Äď until we run out of resources.


Please help us continue to provide meals for more than 4,000 families that are struggling to put food on the table during this pandemic. The packages we distribute contain enough staples to sustain a family of five for two weeks. We are leveraging our purchasing power and relationships throughout the municipality to be able to more efficiently operate during this crisis.

Feed the Hungry makes sure that your monetary donations will help as many struggling families as possible. Our long term relationships and operational efficiencies enable us to buy large quantities of food and leverage preferred pricing while maintaining consistency in the quality of food that we are delivering to thousands of families. A $25USD donation provides enough food for a family of five for two weeks.

We appreciate everyone who has donated and supported this campaign and invite you to continue to do so by donating and sharing our¬†DONATE¬†link¬†with your contacts.¬†We must raise $150,000USD¬†every month¬†to provide food and hygiene supplies to poor families, and we are tapping into our ‚Äúrainy-day‚ÄĚ fund.¬†Our loyal Canadians may continue to support this campaign via to obtain the proper tax deductible receipts.¬† We also encourage our Mexican donors to donate via our Feed the Hungry A.C. by emailing¬†¬†to obtain the proper banking information.¬†Paypal¬†in¬†MXP¬†and¬†USD¬†links are also available for your convenience. We need your help now more than ever to replenish inventories and keep this emergency response operation running.

No donation is too small or too big to help us deliver food, which translates into delivering hope to many of these families. However, to run this operation efficiently, we would appreciate all individual in-kind donations of food to be directed to Amigos Al 100 or Corazones Unidos. These organizations are better suited to handle drop-offs of donated dry and canned goods.

If you know of an individual or a family who needs help and is not represented in any of the communities we are serving, please contact:

  • ¬†For the elderly, contact DIF SMA¬†via phone from 9:00am to 4:00pm; call 415.152.3380
  • For families, contact¬† Amigos al 100 via whatsapp, do not call. Send name, address, and reason why food is needed, to:¬†¬†

Anyone interested in volunteering should also contact these organizations directly. Feed the Hungry San Miguel is currently relying on its employees and volunteers provided by the city to carry out the handling and distribution of these packages.

Thank you for your invaluable support during these challenging times.

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