New Nutrition Internship Program

Feed the Hungry recently welcomed Diana Laura Sánchez and Ana Laura Rojas to our nutrition internship program. Diana and Ana are university students in their last year at the School of Nutrition of the University of Guanajuato Campus, Celaya and Salvatierra. After completing a full year of service with FTH, Ana Laura and Diana will graduate with degrees in nutrition.

These internships are rarely available through private institutions; most are offered by the Hospitals of the State Department of Health, Salubridad. Feed the Hungry introduced the idea and program at the University last year, but due to COVID-19 security and pandemic protocols, plans to start early in the year have been postponed. After several meetings and conversations with the University officials, they accepted our proposal and finally, at the end of July, these two worthy applicants were selected from a group of more than 200 students who applied for this internship.

Diana Laura is originally from Comonfort, GTOShe has a 9.8 GPA (scale of 10) and is due to graduate at the top of her class. Her favorite activity so far has been attending the community nutrition programs throughout the 37 locations where FTH distributes food pantries. She looks forward to a year full of learning experiences and can’t wait for the FTH school kitchens to open, when she can begin working with the children.  

Diana Laura Sánchez, University of Guanajuato Campus Celaya-Salvatierra Nutrition intern at FTH.

Ana Laura’s Story  

Ana Laura is originally from the Las Cañas community. In 2006, when FTH implemented the School Meals program in her community, Ana Laura was one of the second grade girls in elementary school. She remembers being so impressed that she and her older brother could eat at school and get hot meals at no cost to her family. When FTH started the food program at her school, her mom could then go to work and not worry about bringing her lunch or giving her money to buy junk (cookies and flavored drinks) at the nearby little store. Her mom and dad were already working full time. Her father finally immigrated to the United States, six years ago. Through many family sacrifices, especially not being able to see her father, she remained in school, thanks to her parents’ advice to obtain a higher education.

Ana Laura has always been grateful for our organization that operates in her community. As she went to high school and eventually college, she always kept FTH in mind. Learning about nutrition at a young age motivated her to stay fit and study nutrition. “Without nutrition, you cannot retain anything that is taught in school,” she said.  

Ana Laura encourages current and future generations to always dream big and never give up. She feels very fortunate to be a part of the FTH team that is bringing nutrition education to her community and many others. Her siblings, Sergio 7, and Alan 9, are currently enrolled in Las Cañas Elementary School and are receiving food pantries through our Feed the Families program. She is eager to return to Las Cañas to teach nutrition workshops and be a role model for students and families, to show children that “it can be done.”

The Program  

The internship program is currently supervised by Feed the Lic Nutritionist Lic. Irving Ayala, an alumnus of the University of Guanajuato. The main theme of the program is Community Nutrition. Our interns will be able to apply their knowledge of nutrition information to mothers, cooks, and children (once schools reopen). Part of their training includes workshop planning, live presentations, and print media design to aid in the usability of nutrition education materials. The program lasts 12 months. Participating in menu design and classroom workshops with the children are also part of your internship responsibilities.

These days, they travel with the Feed the Families distribution team and hold pre-organized talks 10-15 minutes before the food bag distribution begins. They talk about the importance of quality nutrition during the pandemic and also share good hygiene practices.

Feed The Hungry nutrition education is a critical component of our Feed the Families and School Meals programs. Children, along with the community, learn to choose good nutrition over junk food and soft drinks. This makes our program sustainable in the long term.

Every six months, we will provide opportunities for two interns; at any given time, we may have up to four interns in the program. Through our traditional School Meals program, thousands of children receive a healthy meal to help them thrive and learn. While this is only a small role that we play in their lives, and not everyone in these communities becomes a college graduate, knowing that we can somehow influence their nutritional choices as teens and into adulthood makes it all worth it. pain.

Valentín  Patlán, Head Chef; Ana Laura Rojas, Nutrition Intern; Gerardo López, Warehouse Manager.  All former  FTH  Meals Program recipients, proudly representing.

We would like to hear more stories like these. If you received the meals at your school from FTH and you feel that this organization influenced your life, please contact us; we want to hear from you. Email your story to  

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