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Our 100+ volunteer packers and drivers are staying safe at home while we run the Feed the Families program using staff and city workers. However, there are other ways to volunteer: 

We are looking for a data processing and data-maintenance volunteer to keep our beneficiaries database updated. Spanish is a must! If you speak Spanish or know a Spanish speaking volunteer who might be interested, please contact us

You can also join the current Virtual Walk/Run for Food Campaign, or create a new Virtual Fundraiser of your own using the tools and platform we provide. Learn more.  


Feed the Hungry needs your help now more than ever to keep the Feed the Families emergency response operation running and to recover in time to resume providing school meals for nearly 5,000 children when schools reopen. We must raise $135,000USD every month to provide food and hygiene supplies to more than 4,000 poor families. 

Please visit our donation page for information on how to make a tax-deductible donation (US, Canadian, or Mexican).  


Learn how you can ….  

  • Make a legacy gift  
  • Sponsor a school kitchen  
  • Commemorate the memory of a loved one  
  • Run a peer-to-peer campaign 
  • Raise funds on your special occasions 

Thank you for your invaluable support during these challenging times.  

For inspiration, visit our Facebook page for updates, videos, and photos. 

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