May 22, 2020

Feed the Hungry Feeds the Families: Update #3

Thank you for your support of our emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is an update on how we are addressing the great need in San Miguel de Allende. With schools closed and so many out of work and struggling to put food on the table, we have expanded our operations and outreach to include entire families.

A “normal” day at Feed the Hungry during the pandemic:

  • 7:30am – Emergency Response teams arrive at the FTH distribution center.
  • 7:45am – Loading of trucks with food packages for distribution
  • 8:45am – Drivers leave for the day’s assigned routes and packers begin assembly of the next day’s distribution.
  • 9:30am – Typically arrive at the first community between 9:00 and 9:45 am, depending on the distance. Once we arrive on location:
  1. The team welcomes the beneficiaries, reminds them of social distancing, and distributes masks to those who need them.
  2. The list of beneficiaries is cross checked with the help of our mom volunteers from the communities we serve.
  3. Beneficiaries wait for their names to be called, and one at a time approach the back of the truck to receive their 12 kilo (26 lbs.) bag of food that will feed a family of five for two weeks.
  4. We remind them that we are committed to delivering these food packages, and that they must continue to eat well, drink plenty of #water, wash their hands often, and follow city health guidelines.
  5. At any given day, we deliver 300-350 bags in 37 different communities.
  • 1:00pm – Back to the distribution center for a lunch break (or lunch on the road, pre-packaged by our cook, Sra. Imelda).
  • 1:30pm – Our multitasking drivers (FTH chefs and nutritionists), gas up for the next day and perform a quick check-up on our trucks.
  • 2:30pm – Count bags for the next day’s deliveries, update inventories, and catch up on office time.
  • 4:00pm – The teams end the day with a great feeling of accomplishment, knowing that entire families will have relief from the pain of hunger during this pandemic.

This is the “new normal” here at Feed the Hungry. We plan to continue to support as many as 4,000 families in the San Miguel area every two weeks, through August 2020, assuming that schools reopen in August and we then resume normal operations of our school lunch program – or as long as resources allow. Every month, we are spending more than $100,000 dollars ($2.3 million pesos) to buy ingredients and prepare the emergency food bags for families.

At this time, we are able to provide food for families in 37 communities every two weeks, and also deliver food packages to seven local charities. This is made possible through your donations, our incredibly hard working staff, operational direction and moral support by our board of trustees, and the Dirección de Cultura y Tradiciones from City Hall’s assistance with trucks, drivers, gas, and maintenance,

Thank you for helping us Feed the Families during these challenging times!

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